Farmers Market

Urban Agriculture according to United Nations is the only path for a modern human to a secure food source in the future. I’m excited to make a bold announcement that North Long Beach is ready for this future! It has become a magnet for young couples who are thinking of starting families to move into the area. Long Beach Real Estate is as healthy as its residents. My team and I are on a mission to make sure all of our neighbors know where to access their own local produce.

Urban Agriculture v1.0 guide features:
Crop Swap [North Long Beach] Growing Experience [North Long Beach]
Farmers Market [North Long Beach]

Farmers Market: Thursday 3pm-7pm @ 46th and Atlantic Ave

Virtual Tour Directions: look for “0” symbol and click/tap to move there.

Growing Experience: Welcomes neighbors to participate in its “Community Supported Agriculture. Just for $20/box you get freshly picked veggies and fruits!

Crop Swap: Bring your access crops and swap with neighbors! Empty Handed?
No worries, come learn!

Michelle Obama Learning Garden:
Check out a book on “Health Living” and harvest the garden to follow the cooking instructions 😉 – all in one place!

“Long Beach Real Estate as never before –
neighbors as we were meant to be”

Ron Arriola

Since 1992" Ron Arriola has built a reputation of knowledge and reliability in becoming an expert Real Estate Agent in the city of Long Beach. Specializing in Residential Pre-Foreclosure, Short Sale, Probate, 1031 Exchange, and Estate Planning

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